“I have been fascinated with dressing up ever since I was a child. I know how important it is to want to look your best, even when you don’t feel it or have access to the things you’d like. This understanding is what motivated me to build a platform for women a lot like who I am today - women who are busy nurturing families, businesses and communities - and don’t always know how or where to turn to present their best selves in the process."

About Dionne Boldin

In the age of “reality TV’ the wives of professional athletes often get a bad rap. Centered around quote unquote “bad girls” who live lives of excess and thrive on dysfunction and drama, what’s trending on Twitter can make it difficult for fans to separate what’s real versus what’s for ratings.

Fortunately, Dionne Boldin is anything but a stereotype.

The quiet tour de force behind her superstar husband, recently retired NFL great Anquan Boldin, and their two boys, Anquan Jr. and Ashton, Boldin -- who was recently declared an official fashion influencer for Super Bowl 2019 in Atlanta, and will serve as co-chair for the Off the Field Players Wives Associations’ fashion show at the Super Bowl in Miami in 2020 -- is paving a path for women, especially hard-working moms like herself -- with fashion, grace and style.


A certified image consultant and increasingly popular fashion and beauty blogger, Boldin’s superpower is helping women of all backgrounds look and feel as powerful as they are, and at any price point.

“Fashion is my passion,” 

says the 2016 Bump Moms Movers and Shakers honoree.

“It’s transformative. It is freeing. It is a form of self-expression that literally never goes out of style.” Boldin, who is of Jamaican descent, developed this mindset, skill and sensitivity growing up underprivileged in her hometown of Belle Glade, Florida. As a result, she thrives on cultivating a creative, welcoming community for women from all walks of life. 

One place they’re increasingly flocking to is to Boldin’s two-year-old blog, Boldin Beautiful, a one-stop-shop virtual lifestyle destination for beauty, fashion and general wellness. With tens of thousands of followers and fans on social media and rapidly growing, budding fashionistas tune in weekly to get the latest on how and where to procure that Louis Vuitton bag at a discount or how to mix high and low fashion that is runway approved.

"I want Boldin Beautiful to be a safe and real place for women to connect, find encouragement and inspiration.”

When Boldin is not inspiring fans with her effortless style she is busy maintaining her status as an O.G. in the philanthropic game. In 2004 the Off the Field Players Wives Association member and winner of its 2018 Woman of Impact Award launched, alongside her husband, the Anquan Boldin Foundation, which encourages commitment to community, and empowers children and families by giving them the means to thrive in challenging circumstances. Dedicated to expanding the educational and life opportunities of underprivileged children and families, the foundation directly impacts more than 15,000 families across the country annually. The Boldins, who met in the fifth grade and have been together since high school, further supported underprivileged children through the creation of the Anquan and Dionne Boldin Scholarship Foundation, a $1 million college scholarship program benefiting high school seniors who demonstrate a financial need.


Committed to fully maximizing her family’s platform, Dionne has spearheaded the couple’s efforts to make a positive impact and leave a legacy of goodness in every city her husband played in prior to retirement, including Phoenix, Baltimore, San Francisco and Detroit -- even after his family had moved on. In 2015, for instance, Dionne and Anquan pledged $1 million for students in the San Francisco and Palm Beach areas who have shown a commitment to community service. In addition, each Thanksgiving and Christmas, Dionne hosts turkey drives and provides shopping sprees to hundreds of families in each city. In 2019 the Boldins will host their 15th annual golf tournament.


Four years ago, the aspiring licensed clinical psychologist, who endeavors to work specifically with African American males, founded the Turn Around Project, an initiative started in the Bay Area and designed to support families in need. As part of the past initiative the Boldin family provided financial assistance  to single mothers and qualified families. Program participants received career counseling, job placement, financial education and school supplies for children for an entire calendar year.


And nearly three years ago, at the height of the conversation over NFL’s role and responsibility to aid in the fight against police brutality, Mrs. Boldin helped deepen her family’s imprint in the fight for social justice and racial equality. With a focus on impacting change in the American criminal justice system and improving police and community relations, she works closely with the Players Coalition, a larger group of professional athletes co-founded by her husband. Dionne’s philanthropic works have also gone international: Boldin has taken her good deeds to Ethiopia to help raise awareness and offer support for the food crisis in East Africa, as well as Haiti and Senegal. “Helping people is truly my passion. To help them see themselves in the brightest light possible, that is my gift."