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Managing Relationships

Hi beauties,

Thank you for your input regarding content you would like to see on the blog. Everyone had such great ideas, and I am hoping to cover them all. I always welcome and appreciate your feedback and support.

I want to jump right into the first topic – How do I find time for myself, manage relationships, and dedicate time to myself, my spouse, and our kids?

Time management is something I try to fine tune on a regular basis because what may work today may not work every day. As we go through the seasons of life, time management and needs will surely change.

Although so many variables come into play when choosing and allocating my time and attention, the centerpiece of my time management approach is planning.  Planning comes pretty easy for me because I am a planner and, to be honest, I feel slightly rattled when I cannot plan. On a day-to-day basis, I like to keep my schedule firm. I will sit on a Sunday evening and map out my week of things that are a must, things I would like to accomplish, and things that are “wishful thinking.”   Whatever your schedule looks like, I am a true believer the we can make the most of our time during the day by planning. If something is not super important or pressing, I try not to digress from my schedule. What is helpful for me is to not pack my day with too many activities so that I can be prepared and have a little cushion for the unexpected.

The tricky part of the above-mentioned question is part about managing being a wife and mother and giving everyone the time and energy they need and deserve.

First thing first, I put my husband first, according to Biblical principles. This, by no means, means that my kids are ignored or get the short end of me. Simply put, we create an environment where our boys can benefit from a stable, happy home by seeing two parents dedicated to one another, two people who are filled will love and exercise compromise. After a while, in our home, this practice became the norm, and our kids have learned (and are still learning) to respect mom-and-dad time. They learn the power of sacrifice and patience as well.  Granted, this has gotten a lot easier as the boys have gotten older and developed an understanding of how our household runs.

I remember when my boys were younger and time management was a struggle for me. Often, I would find myself hiding in the bathroom and closet for a moment of peace. No shame in admitting that, either! What I learned was not to be afraid to let others help you. Although we, as women, like to think we can do it all, the truth is, we need help. Humble yourself, and do not be afraid to ask for help. After all, it takes a village to raise a child and to keep a momma sane! My spouse and I try to operate on one accord; he fills in the blanks. We share responsibilities around the house as well as with the kids  (he is a beast with laundry). When your spouse understands that they come first, they are more eager to free you up and help you make time for everyone.

For single mommas, let me applaud you for being extra amazing! I know it can be more challenging to get wrapped up in your babies, but you have to find time for yourself, too. If you neglect yourself, you cannot be everything you need to be to those babies.  A sound mind promotes a sound home.  

Thank you for taking the time to ask questions and learn more about me, Dionne, the woman behind the blog  

Readers, don’t be shy. Contact me and share your thoughts. Until next time!



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