Vanilla-Bean Toasted Marshmallow Banana Pudding

Hi, beauties and gentlemen!

I’m sharing my banana pudding recipe for a limited time!

This is my famous recipe (well, famous among family and friends), and they will literally fight over my banana pudding. I have never shared the recipe before, so it won’t stay up long.

Quick story – On every team my husband has played for, this has become a locker room favorite. I would make it on victory Mondays, sometime for the entire team, but mostly for the wide receivers who never really liked to share. If they did share, I would request that the quarterbacks were able to have a little corner, at least.

I don’t eat bananas, and I’m not really a fan of anything with bananas, but I started making this dessert because it’s Q’s absolute favorite.

Vanilla-Bean Toasted Marshmallow Banana Pudding


- 2 cups milk

- 1 cup sugar

- ½ cup all-purpose flour

- A dash of salt

- 1 tablespoon vanilla

- 1 vanilla bean

- 3 egg yolks

- 1 box Vanilla Wafers

- 5 bananas, sliced

- 1 bag marshmallows


1. Scald two cups of milk. In a separate bowl, blend sugar, salt, and flour.

2. Once the milk is scalded, add flour mixture to the pot. Constantly whisk on low until mixture starts to thicken.

3. In another bowl, crack three egg yolks and beat lightly. Combine some of your flour mixture into the bowl with your eggs. (This is important, so you don’t get scrambled eggs).

4. Then, combine the egg yolk and flour mixture to the pot that contains the rest of flour mixture. Mix constantly until thickened.

5. Let pudding completely cool. Then, add vanilla.

6. To create the dessert, first layer with cookies, then bananas, and lastly with pudding. Top with crushed cookies. There is no right or wrong way to layer, but I like to end with pudding on top and crushed wafers.

7. Top with marshmallows and broil in the oven until marshmallows are toasted. Remove from oven. Serve.

Beauties, you’re going to love this! I can’t wait for you to try it, especially around the holidays.

Readers, don’t be shy. Contact me and share your thoughts. Until next time!

Stylishly, Dionne