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"Helping people is truly my passion. To help them see themselves in the brightest light possible, that is my gift."

About Dionne

Dionne Boldin carries three titles that mean the most to her: wife, mother and philanthropist. Growing up underprivileged, she was determined to give back and create opportunities for those same communities as soon as she was in a position to do so.


Her husband, NFL Legend and former wide receiver Anquan Boldin, is equally committed to helping those in need. In 2004, the couple started the Anquan Boldin Foundation, which supports commitment to community and empowers children and families to thrive in unlikely circumstances. Dedicated to expanding the educational and life opportunities of underprivileged children and families, the foundation directly impacts over 15,000 families across the country. Q81 Summer Enrichment, a high school program offering academic improvement, career advice, college campus tours and etiquette, has become an extension of the Foundation and has seen over one hundred students succeed to graduation and attend college.


Fully maximizing her family’s platform, Dionne has led the couple’s efforts to leave a legacy and make an impact in every city in which Anquan has played--continuing to run the community programs even when her husband was relocated on to another city in the course of his NFL career. In 2015, Dionne and Anquan created an endowment: a $1 million scholarship in the San Francisco and Palm Beach areas for students who are academically deserving and have shown a commitment to community service and four-year scholarships offered to high school seniors who have demonstrated academic commitment through various life obstacles. Hosted in the four NFL markets where Anquan played, Dionne ensures the community is not left behind just because Anquan is no longer with their home team. Each Thanksgiving and Christmas, Dionne hosts turkey drives and shopping sprees to hundreds of families in each city. She was named the 2018 Woman of Impact by the NFL Off the Field Wives Association.


Dionne founded the Turn Around Project in 2015, a project started in the Bay Area which has now expanded to single mothers and qualified families who enter the program and receive career counseling, job placement, financial education and school supplies for children for an entire calendar year.


Dionne’s goal has always been to give wherever there is a need but more uniquely, she has set out to create and promote a lasting mindset of givers.


Dionne’s modesty and own steadfast refusal to stand in the limelight prevents us from knowing all of her efforts and contributions and her more public endeavors. Recently, Dionne launched Boldin Beautiful, a project close to her heart which aims to inspire and support women. The trend-setting beauty and lifestyle blog with a heartfelt twist, explores topics on fashion, family and travel. Fulfilment comes from her ability to reach women using things she loves the most and leading the way for women to showcase their confidence. She has recently been named the official fashion influencer for The Shops at Buckhead’s’ Super Bowl 2019 activations.


In 2016, along with her husband Anquan, Dionne has stood tall in the fight for social justice and racial equality. More specifically, she is focused on impacting change in the American criminal justice system and improving police and community relations. Her activism also supports the Players Coalition, a larger group of professional athletes co-founded by her husband. Dionne’s philanthropic efforts have been expanded to an International community where she has visited Ethiopia to help raise awareness and offer support for the food crisis in East Africa, Haiti and Senegal.

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