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“Becoming,” An Intimate Conversation

Hi, beauties!

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend “Becoming”, an intimate conversation with Michelle Obama. Since the announcement of the tour, I knew I would attend! The only detail I needed to decide is which city would make the most sense. I ended up choosing Detroit because it is a city I am somewhat familiar with and I wanted to get a quick taste of winter.

I attended this event with one of my best girlfriends, but I think I may have been slightly more excited to meet Michelle Obama considering how close I had gotten a few times before.

A few years back, while vacationing in Bahamas, my family and I stayed in a suite which happened to be a few doors down from Ms. Obama and her girls. A few weeks later, my family and I attend the Easter Egg Roll at the White House. My husband was there as part of the talent, and one of our guides called him away for his appearance; a few minutes later, my husband told me he had met the Obama family! Imagine my meltdown! I decided I would not miss the next opportunity that came!

Well, Mrs. Obama was just as I expected. She is stunning in person, tall and almost statuesque, and she was very warm and engaging. I admired her ability to engage every person that she encountered with the same welcoming spirit. 

“Becoming” was not a tale of a First Lady in the White House that I expected. Mrs. Obama spent a considerable amount of time sharing about Michell Robinson. She shared her earlier years, her family, and her upbringing. She told the story of her life, seamlessly and honestly. There were stories about her family and upbringing that I could connect with. She told the stories of a woman in many phases of life, from being raised in the south of Chicago to attending a university where she a minority, to a woman feeling unfulfilled in her career.  Mrs. Obama wrote candidly about not being in love with the Barack Obama’s political ambitions. She also gave insight as to the differences between her and President Obama, as well as sharing a bit about the personalities of Sasha and Malia. She shared everyday tales of life before the White House and as a few funny stories about life in the White House.

Overall, “Becoming” is a fantastic read for women and people alike, and I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to have met such a phenomenal women. 

Have you read Mrs. Obama’s book yet? I highly recommend adding this to your reading list! 

Stylishly, Dionne

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