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The One Workout I Swear By

Hi, beauties!

I'm humbled by the number of times my followers have asked about my workout routine. In fact, I never really thought I actually had a routine, considering working out is not my favorite thing to do (hey, I'm just being honest) but when I think about it, I most definitely have a workout I complete on a regular basis. I appreciate my health and the ability to workout, yet I'm not exactly a fitness guru or fitness-obsessed, either. About three years ago, though, I committed to being active for at least 45 minutes a day. For the most part, I have stuck with this commitment and try to get the most out of my 45 minutes. Plus, I want my sons to see that their mother and father are active and encourage movement, too.

The one activity I swear by is spinning. I prefer to spin in a class setting like FlyWheel, but I also own a Peloton bike which I love, too. I like a good, heavy climb opposed to multiple sprints because I like the strength I gain and maintain through those sets.

All good routines need quality variety, so I try to switch up my 45-minute schedule from time to time. Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) is another workout I really like because I definitely get the most out of my time. I like not knowing what to expect when I go to OTF. These workouts are always challenging, no matter if it’s a circuit or strength workout. Once you hit your target numbers at OTF, you create an after burn (which means you are still burning calories after your workout.) I live for my after burn! After a few, consistent weeks at OTF, you can certainly tell a difference in your health and body.

I also like to lift light weights with high reps. I tend to bulk up quickly, so lighter weights help me stay on the leaner side.

If I could offer one secret to my routine, aside from spinning, it would be to stay on your feet. Even when I do not have the chance to exercise, I stay on my feet. I am always moving around, and I try not to sit for more than a hour at a time. Movement burns calories, right?

What is your favorite workout? Have you developed a favorite or are you in the process of trying to shake up your routine? Readers, don’t be shy. Contact me and share your thoughts. Until next time!



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