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Travel Bucket List

Hi, beauties and gentlemen!

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do! I enjoy experiencing different cultures, foods, and scenery. Each country and its respective cities have so much to offer, and the historical aspect is something I really enjoy, too! From our time in Prague, trying delicious, traditional street food to our experience in Italy, seeing beautiful fashion and enjoying fresh pizzas, our experiences have been truly wondrous. As soon as I leave one place, I have a travel itch to visit another, but – between the kids’ school and activities, our non-profit work, and Q’s ventures, our travels must wait until time permits. The wait is always worth it, though. Up to this point, I’ve visited almost 30 countries, yet I feel like I’m just getting started! My travel bucket list has certainly continued to expand with time. Here are a few countries I hope to visit in the next few years:

Australia – We are planning to visit this summer, and I can’t wait to try the food, visit the Opera House, and get to know the land down under!

New Zealand – We are planning to visit this summer as well. Readers, have you been before? I need travel deets!

Tanzania – I would love to go on a safari here and see the blue waters of Zanzibar. The pictures take my breath away!

Belgium – If you know me, you know I’m a total foodie, so I definitely want to explore Belgium to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Thailand – The scenery is picturesque, something I would love to experience in person. Plus, I love Thai food. Enough said!

India – Among other sights and cultural wonders, I would love to see the Taj Mahal.

Congo – Fun fact: My ancestry DNA traces my ancestors here!

Madagascar – I actually want to visit every country in Africa, but here, specifically, because of the movie (don’t judge me).

Switzerland – The Swiss Alps and Matterhorn have long been on my travel bucket list. I’ve heard and read nothing but incredible things about this country, from the food to the sights to the slopes!

Seychelles – The perfect place to relax, wouldn’t you agree? I wouldn’t mind a fruity drink in one hand and a book in the other.

Beyond the experiences, beautiful photos, and lasting memories, traveling provides a special opportunity to discover more about yourself. When I travel and learn more about the world, I end up uncovering more about myself and the impact I want to create. The world is so, so big, and to think we occupy a piece of its space is such a humbling blessing.

Readers, don’t be shy. Contact me and share your thoughts. Until next time!



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