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Bold Florals and a Touch of Sass

Hi, beauties and gentlemen!

Somehow, over time, I developed a knack for keeping my attire ladylike while walking a thin line and embracing sexiness.

I certainly would not go as far as to say that my style comes naturally, but I do believe I have mastered dressing ladylike with a touch of sexiness.

For me, it’s important not to be too revealing. I am a believer, a wife, and a mom of a teenage boy, and I prefer to veer towards the conservative side of fashion. Also, this style of dressing feels comfortable, and I am a true believer that if my clothes are not comfortable, I won’t look or feel my best.

This look is by Ganni clothing for women, a contemporary Scandinavian fashion house that makes wearable clothing, day in and day out. Their dresses and shirts often have bold flower prints, and the straight-leg pants have a sportswear-inspired edge. Totally up my alley!

Lately, I have been a fan of this brand because of its prints and comfortable fabrics.

This two-piece caught my eye because I loved the floral pattern and appreciated how the fabric gave my curves life.

There are so many colors weaved into this floral pattern, so choosing a shoe option was endless.

I chose my blue Bottega sandals and matching bag.

On another occasion, I paired this look with a neon shoe, matching blazer, and one of my favorite Chanel hologram bags. This fashionista loves remixing her closet favorites, and I definitely foresee this two-piece being remixed several more times.

Beauties, are you a fan of bold florals and sportswear-like pieces?

Readers, don’t be shy. Contact me and share your thoughts. Until next time!



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