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Remixin' with Yeezy, Gucci, and I.AM.GIA

Hi, beauties and gentlemen!

I’m thrilled that so many of you loved this look from last week! I dress for my comfort and happiness, but when other people feel connected to my fashion choices, I feel ten times happier about how I piece together different outfits.

My readers and followers know that I love an easy, comfortable look. Believe me – you can look chic and put-together in comfortable gear.

So, let’s get into these pants that everyone has been asking about!

These pants were an accidental find as I was scrolling through the “What's New section” on It’s always when you least expect it, right?

These pants are by a brand that I had actually never heard of but could not resist at such a good price point. The brand is I.AM.GIA.

I like the bold contemporary statement pieces of this brand, as well as the fact that these clothes are designed to be worn trans-seasonally.

My top is by Zara, one that I found out two or three years ago but had yet to wear.

The shoes are Yeezy from a couple of seasons ago. By the way, I am totally feeling his new album. Welcome home, Kanye!

For the remix to this outfit, I added my favorite Gucci mule and paired it with a Gucci bag that I had not worn in a while, but I liked the way the details of the bag meshed with the skirt.

With the temperatures dropping (not so much in Florida, but definitely in other places), you have tons of chances to remix your outfits, try different layers, and have lots of fun with fashion! I can’t wait to see your fall looks on my timeline.

Readers, don’t be shy. Contact me and share your thoughts. Until next time!



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