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Stylishly Dispelling A Common Fashion Notion

Hi, beauties and gentlemen!

I’m not sure where this notion came from – you know, the notion that we should only wear our clothing once, maybe twice. I don’t know if it’s social media pressure or the silly belief that you can’t be trendy and stylish when repeating outfits, but this is so far from the truth. I am, perhaps, on the complete end of that thought spectrum. In fact, I live for mixing and matching pieces to create new looks. Designer pieces, especially, should be worn multiple times during multiple seasons. Several designer pieces are staples, and designers intend on shoppers to wear them as such.

To be perfectly honest, I purchase quality pieces that will last for as long as I need them, in addition to loving these pieces because of the artistry factor. My only rule of thumb that I’ve mentioned here once or twice before is that you should try to avoid wearing the same thing the same way. The fun in fashion is not only in the pieces but in the strategy! Keep it fresh, and keep it new, beauties! This makes me feel like I’m wearing a totally new outfit.

With this particular outfit, the skirt is from the Balmain fall/winter 2018 collection. The moment I spotted this skirt, I knew it was a must-have because this piece would transition well into the spring/summer months.

For the remix of this skirt, I added a matching hologram bodysuit from American Apparel. The denim jacket, another favorite piece, is by Amiri, and this could easily be paired with some of the other pieces in my closet. I finished off this look with a pair of Christian Louboutin sandals.

This outfit sums up two of my fashion rules: adding the old with the new and mixing highs and lows.

Beauties, I know you are familiar with my fashion do’s and don’ts, and I was excited to bring those rules to life with this outfit. Those are my keys to keeping my closet flexible and fresh!

Readers, don’t be shy. Contact me and share your thoughts. Until next time!



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