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Glitz and Glam at the 2019 NFL Honors

Hi, beauties and gentlemen!

As my site was in the process of an upgrade, this look somehow got lost in the shuffle, but I wanted to share this outfit because there’s nothing quite like glitz and glam, right? If dressing up this much, every day, was practical, I would totally be here for it, but the way my life is set up, I’m usually in sweats, leggings, and sneakers – three must-haves in my closet. Chic-comfort looks are key, though, and I enjoy finding a way to make casual wear stylish, too.

Anyway, this look is from a few weeks ago at the NFL Honors. I have participated in this annual show for quite some time, so I wasn’t too disappointed that I missed the red carpet this year. With the miles of traffic and having way too much fun before the show, we arrived late, thus missing the red carpet and having to slip in through a side door. Nevertheless, I was especially pleased with my look-for-less. My dress is from ASOS, and the key to its fabulousness is in its tailoring. I can’t stress this enough – spend the extra coins to have your clothes tailored if the fit is a bit off. A little pin and tuck transform an entire look. The faux fur coat was a steal from House of CB. The combination of sequins and fur was so much fun!

Considering my outfits from prior years, I normally break the bank when getting ready for the NFL Honors, so I was quite proud of the way this look came together at a bargain. Does anyone else value their sale pieces on a different level? Maybe because we know we can’t exactly find the same deal twice, so I definitely treasure my fab finds in a special way.

I have to be honest, though – my favorite piece from this look, admittedly, is not budget friendly. It is, however, a great investment, and that’s my Judith Leiber clutch. I absolutely adore this clutch. It’s more fashionable than functional, yet I love every bit of it.

Lastly, I pulled this look together with my ever comfortable and cute Alaia sandals. These sandals seemingly go with everything, and I was happy to pull them out of my closet for this special event.

Beauties, how do you feel about a little glitz and glam? Have you taken a chance with shimmer or faux fur? They’re so much fun! Step outside of your comfort zone, and go for it!

Readers, don’t be shy. Contact me and share your thoughts. Until next time!



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