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Introducing My Power Outfit

Hi, beauties and gentleman!

I wanted to share this look because it’s one of my go-to looks when I want to look put together and without too much thought into it. Those types of outfits are my favorite – they appear effortless, and give me a moment to feel as though life is totally put together, but as we all know, life never exactly goes as planned... but that doesn’t mean our outfit doesn’t have to!

This is also my casual-meeting look, school-visit look, or a day-of-business-or-errands look. Basically, this is multi-purposeful, and I love getting several wears out of my favorite pieces. A well-fitted pair of denim and a power blouse is what I like to call it, and that’s exactly what I reach for in my closet when I have this type of day ahead of me.

Speaking of well-fit denim, I feel like the ladies (and gents) are in constant pursuit of a comfortable pair of fitted jeans. With that said, I love FRAME denim because these jeans have the right amount of stretch. Stretch is a must with any pair of denim I choose to wear. Stretch provides comfort yet allows me to embrace my figure, too. Win-win!

Let’s talk about this power blouse, shall we? I define a “power blouse” as a well-fitted, flowing blouse, typically a silk button-up in a flattering color. I prefer prints or jewel-tone. Everyone has that one color that they feel especially powerful when wearing. So, I definitely recommend going with that shade! This particular top was a great find from The Real Real. It’s from Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection, which was truly epic. I still remember the supermarket-themed runway show. Oh, and the great thing about this top is that it can actually be worn as a dress as well!

The shoes I kept simple. These are a pair of Louboutin pumps I’ve had in my closet, and I’m definitely holding on to these for a while because they come in handy, especially for these types of looks.

When you have a busy day ahead, the last thing you want is an outfit that makes you feel uncomfortable, restricted, or anything less than in control. Do you have a go-to outfit for your busy days? I would love to know what you put together as your power outfit!

Readers, don’t be shy. Contact me and share your thoughts. Until next time!



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