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Two Must-Have Pieces for Your Wardrobe (To Wear Again and Again)

Hi, beauties and gentlemen!

If you haven’t read my recent blog post, you should definitely take a look because I dispelled a common fashion notion and decided to follow up that entry by sharing some pieces I happen to wear again and again!

Mom-fits that keep you chic and comfortable are the best, right?!

Those fits allow you to quickly get ready and leave the house in record time yet you look stylish and feel comfortable.

As a mom-on-the-go, I’m always running from Point A to Point B, most likely with kids in tow.

Errands, sports practice, school events, and philanthropic duties – you name it – I’m out and about, as I know other moms are, too. We do the impossible, every day. So, as I’m ripping and running, I like to wear comfortable pieces that keep me looking put-together.

Believe me – I have nothing against a tried and true yoga set, but change is nice sometimes. Not only that, but some of my errands require a bit more, meaning I have meetings or functions that require something outside of yoga pants. With that said, this jumpsuit is definitely a favorite, so much so that I purchased it in black and grey.

I like the fit of this jumpsuit, especially with the drawstring-waist which instantly snatches my midsection. I’ve worn this jumpsuit several different ways – with sneakers, sandals, and even a heel.

I’ve definitely got the most for my money with this piece, and I intend on wearing this again and again.

Give this piece extra dimension with a cute denim jacket or funky leather jacket. The options are truly endless.

The second must-have item is my beloved Equipment blouse that I’ve mentioned in previous posts, but this piece is certainly worthy of a second mention. I love these silk blouses because they’re versatile, chic, and comfortable. They work with slacks for a power meeting and can be nicely pulled together with a pair of denim and your favorite pump or pair of sandals.

In the summertime, I like to pair my blouse with denim shorts and flats, for comfort, or a nasty pump if I’m feeling extra.

Beauties, I found a cost-friendly alternative, too! Check out this blouse, perfect for a range of looks and occasions, and it’s 40%, too! Snag this while your size is available.

Not only are repeat pieces a win-win, but they’re even more valuable when they elevate your look to where you feel chic and comfortable on your busiest day.

Readers, don’t be shy. Contact me and share your thoughts. Until next time!

Stylishly, Dionne

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